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We have less than 2 months before we need to move. That's when baby will be here, and no babies allowed at our current house share. We've been on the hunt for a new home. Erik and I ran across a couple of ads on craigslist requesting that we complete a background check per adult on this site called Rental Verified. Wondering if anyone has used them?

We've never heard of them, and we are leery. We emailed the owner and asked to meet with her and tour the property before we pay for a background check. We let her know that with identify theft and scams on the rise, we want to make sure everything is legitimate before we proceed.

Anyone on here have any suggestions/recommendations for finding a new home and minimizing the cost of fees or negotiating on security deposits?

Any input is appreciated :-) Thanks!

    MaryJane If you are unsure about the company that is asking for your background check, I suggest doing your own through a company that you trust and giving them a copy .

    I manage the properties that the bf owns and some people are a bit weary about me asking for that info. Totally okay, I understand completely but the info is important. Same with a credit check. The company I use does not give me any of the applicant's information but if they are still unsure, I just ask that they do it on their own, black out things like social security numbers, and give me a copy.

    Minimizing security deposits is something I personally do not do. But in some (rare) cases I have let the tenants make payments on it instead of paying it all at once. Of course so much of these things depend on the laws in your state so I would recommend getting in touch with your local housing authority. Good luck!
      Thanks for all the suggestions/recommendations, Moms! I went on Willow and like that site much better! Our current home was found through Craigslist. The woman helping me at the Chamber of Commerce told me that this town is all about Craigslist; it's smaller and don't really have to worry too much about being scammed. So far so good. I ended up emailing the lady who requested the background check prior to viewing the property and told her we'd like to meet with her first and see the property before we spend money out of our pockets for something we may not follow through on... She replied after our initial email, but I haven't heard back from her and she wanted to meet this morning. Sounds like a scam :/
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