Debi wrote a post tonight about banned books that tipped me over the edge a bit. I was thinking about this for the past few days and her post made me finally bring this up.

At what point do we finally take back the responsibility of being a parent? People deciding what types of soda are in the schools. People deciding what books are banned. People deciding this and deciding that.. then parent's get upset and yell at the schools..

Am I the only one missing the boat here? Is it not my responsibility to teach my child about the dangers of things?

The only responsibility that Coca Cola has to me is to be honest about what's in that can.

How about some accountability here? I brought Charlie into this world. If he's that kid that goes completely insane when he sees candy, I did something wrong. If he gets a girl pregnant at 14, I did something wrong.

And books? READ THEM! I would rather have him read every banned book out there than spend one minute playing angry birds locked away in his room.

Guns? We own them. They are in a safe. Locked away. At the proper age, he will take classes and learn about them before he ever even sees one up close. I will not blame a video game that I should be monitoring anyway.

    I hate this saying, but..."Preach it!!" Lol.
    Parents now are too sensitive, too quick to blame everything but themselves. Not -all- parents, but it seems like a vast majority are too quick to jump on the wagon of "It's television's fault!" or "It's because they played Call of Duty so now they wanna shoot people in real life!" or blaming books or movies or just...anything other than something they did or did not do. Really? Video Games are the reason some guy shot up a school? Phineas and Ferb are the reasons behind that robbery? Harry Potter is what caused your son to not want to be Catholic just like you are? Puh-lease. Step up, and accept the fact that you might just be a teensy bit at fault if it's your son or daughter who's done something bad or whatever. You cannot control every aspect of a kid's life. You just can't. At some point, you've got to let them make decisions for themselves. A parent's ultimate responsibility, I think, is to raise their children to have the ability to make informed decisions. Teach them that water, milk, and maybe even fruit juices are better than that pepsi or beer. Teach them about safe sex, and make sure they know that there is no sure-fire way to prevent getting pregnant other than to not have sex. If you don't want them reading that book, ask their teacher if they can do a different project, or just trust that they'll know it's just a book and they won't suddenly convert to some new way of life just because of it.

    Sorry, got on a bit of a rant there, lol.
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