Article: Flight attendant barred child from using bathroom

Okay so.. we all understand why there are so many rules regarding airports, airplanes, etc.

I'm curious to know what you think of this article. Her child had to use the restroom but the plane was in a state that people were not allowed to leave their seats. The child ends up wetting herself and is sitting in her own mess in the seat.

The pilot then moves to get the family off of the plane for "disruptive behavior".. but is defended by an off duty pilot and the family is allowed to stay on the plane.

What would you do?

    I would've been very upset. It wasn't like they were ready to leave, and that poor kid would then be messy for the entire rest of the flight, if they didn't have a change at hand. Not to mention, the seat. I'd definitely complain to the company, and try to clean up as best I could while seated. I don't care about the regulation. They weren't taking off, they weren't ready to take off. She couldn't let the kid run to the bathroom for 2 minutes?
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