Why you shouldn't punish a baby

A baby doesn't have the emotional or mental capacity to even understand why they are being "punished". I am a big believer in remembering that discipline is to disciple or teach, to reward good behavior and not "punish".

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    There aren't too many things at this point she can do to misbehave, but she does throw tantrums when she does not get what she wants. Very bad tantrums. I usually turn my back to her so she calms down. My "discipline" is typically putting her in her room for time out for 2 minutes. I read in a book that time out should be a minute for each year of age they are. She definitely doesn't like it, and some times when I mention time out she calms down.
      Melissa Middleton
      My sister-in-law insisted I spank my then four month old son because he was crying. My hubby told her, "I am NOT spanking a four month old." She said she did hers (they are adults now). We thought that was crazy. She wants nothing to do with my son now and still won't speak to us--oh well to her. Punishing an infant is pointless and cruel, in my opinion. They are too young too comprehend as to why and what you are doing.
        That's very sad to think of someone punishing an infant. I've only recently started doing time out with Adison as I know she understands what's going on. If I tell her not to do something or to stop doing something, she responds and reacts to what I'm telling her, if she didn't I wouldn't use the time out method just yet. I have tapped her on the hand lightly to get the point across of not touching something it playing with something that can hurt her but I've never hurt her, and I will never have the mentality to hurt her. I do however want to try the redirection that was posted earlier, it's such a great idea.
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