Random Mental Changes

I don't know what it is that's changed me over the last year. Was it pregnancy hormones? Was it the stress of the military and moving and being alone for months at a time? Is it just from being a Mommy and thus being on the defensive all of the time? Has living with my brutally honest, out-spoken-always-correct husband finally corrupted my mind to the point that I'm becoming the same way?

I don't know...but every once in a while, I just have a thought where I almost, ALMOST say it, and then I have to stop myself and just think, "No....Too mean, Morgan! Too mean..."

For example:
I was playing our current game of choice, The Elder Scrolls Online, and someone I don't particularly like said, "Oh, damn! I just figured out how to walk!" By this, he meant he had figured out how to make his character walk, instead of the standard running, since Walking isn't a default key. You have to add it in...Most of my mind was like, "Good for you." but that one new mean spot, which sometimes is the most vocal of the group, almost went, "Congrats! You're now on par with my one year old." and I had to stop myself from saying it! Where did these thoughts come from? I didn't used to be mean like that!

Has anyone else had changes in your state of mind after having a baby? Or even just randomly, without realizing it until a moment like that?

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      Your not alone. Im like that too but its a little worse where I have to hold things back but now its im having bad depression..and my son is almost three and I have a great time with my son and hes the best thing to come into my life but sometimes when I go to bed I get very sad and idk why and it sucks. It might just be with you moving so much and the new baby and everything that your over stressed and tired.
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