Causes of children's rotten teeth?

According to a documentary I recently stumbled across about Appalachia, our kids here have rotten teeth because we give them Mountain Dew in baby bottles. Well, golly gee whilikers, I always thought it was the meth. *rolls eyes* And this was from a big name station like ABC or another popular initialism! To set the record straight, us hillbilly folk DON'T do this. At least, no one I have ever known. Nor do we use Mountain Dew as an anti-depressant because mountain life is just such a downer... There's a reason I moved BACK, lol.

My point is... There are a lot of things that can cause rotten teeth in children because the enamel is so soft to begin with. Depending on what sorts of sources you trust, you'll get fifteen different culprits too.

I subscribe to some of the more borderline “hippie” sorts of theories, personally. That, and I've also read from lots of moms on here that letting breastmilk, juice, or formula coat the teeth or gums and remain there for an extended period of time can rot baby teeth because they are so soft.

And don't get me wrong... I'm sure other processed sugars and acids will wear tooth enamel too. Like Mountain Dew, lol.... But from what I've read, past the baby baby tooth stage... I personally believe PROCESSED foods are the culprit.

I say this because tooth decay is generally not a problem outside of first-world countries. (Outside of countries where they chew the beans that make your mouth numb, don't remember what they're called, and similar. That's more tooth wear than tooth decay though.) It's not the sugar... You can eat fruit all day and your teeth will be fine. It's the processing... whether that be sugar, grain, what have you.

That's the only thing I've found that has made sense to me so far. I've searched far and wide because my back teeth are a mess (overcrowded and cracked) I was looking for a way to heal them. All (re- some, most) the dentists say there's no way to heal them, but a lot of the sources I've found say otherwise. Normally I'd think... Ah, probably a gimmick. Except. The people who I read stories from weren't selling anything.

They were giving the info away for free just to help people. And the diets didn't really require anything special. Some used butter oil in capsules, but otherwise, it was just a diet cutting out foods a lot of us normally eat.

It would make sense to me, since other bones heal... pretty much our whole body heals itself. I've not tried any of the diets yet though, so who knows? It'll be nice if it does, though!

And, as Tabitha Hidalgo mentioned, the big fluoride "debate"

Only other thing that makes sense to me is a lack of calcium, forming weak teeth in the first place... Or your body stealing calcium from your teeth.

Anybody tried healing your teeth? How'd you do it?

What do you think causes rotten teeth in children?

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      I think personally that it is the dental hygiene. A lot of parents do not make their children brush teeth. Anything left on the teeth will start decay regardless of what it is. Some just feel that little ones simple do not need mouth care and this is so untrue. The teeth they have react in the same manner as the teeth adults have. If the adults don't brush their teeth for days or weeks or months , then the damage begins. Same with the little ones, mouth care is important regardless of age.
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