Do you get your children Vaccinated with all the reccomended shots...

I take my children to receive all the shots for the age they are but I know people who don't get the shots at all.

JessicaEdenton, North Carolina
    I know a couple people who home school and choose not too.
      I do. I've heard the arguments and I think it's dumb to think they cause autism. My insurance covers the shots, it's for the best with Nina, I think. I had all the recommended vaccinations until I was like 11 since we didn't have good enough insurance then (I haven't had any shots other than rhogam and depo in like...well, since I was 11 lol) and I turned out fine. It's also required for most schools. I almost couldnt do my senior year in high school cuz I wasnt up to date.
        No we don't vaccinate. It's not required yet, it's highly recommended-there are exemptions forms. If, for whatever reason, we felt the need, we would only do the vaccinations that were recommended 30 years ago (which I believe was around 6, and they were separate so you knew what they were having a reaction to), not the 25 or something now they want to give kids. And also on a delayed schedule. The level of mercury (3-4 times the 'safe' amount) in each vaccine is not worth it us, and on a regular schedule they get 3-4 vaccines at one time.
        One of my biggest questions I would MERCK or GSK to answer, is that if there is nothing live in the vaccines-which they say there isn't-why does it need the preservatives (mercury, formaldehyde...)…
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