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My fiance' and I lost our daughter to stillbirth on 18May2014 and are wanting to try for having another baby. We made love (6) days after we lost her, because physically, I was ready. My cycle came on: 02June2014 & lasted until 06JUne2014. We made love again on 08June2014, etc. Fast-forward to 15June2014, I woke up to use the restroom and notice some red bleeding, no clots; then a couple hours later it completely stopped. Inaddition, for the last day or so, my right ovary/ hip area has had mild discomfort, incl. slight back pain. What does this actually mean? Thanks for any input.

Thanks, Melissa. I was thinking the same thing about testing next week. I have a slight pinkish discharge, now, Wishing for the best...
    Sorry for your loss. Have you seen your doctor yet? If you are having a slight pink discharge it could be implantation bleeding but it could also of been your body cleaning itself out and if it doesn't work this month try again! Good luck.
    Actually, my 6-week postpartum appointment is scheduled for 01July. At this current hour, I have no mild cramping or lower back aches thankfully. I'll keep you ladies post on the outcome.
    I hope all goes well for you!
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      Debi, my condolences for your loss, also.I will definitely keep the forum posted as well, including looking forward to reading other member's post s. Thank You :-)
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