If you could change anything about your past...

Is there anything that you would change?

I would have finished my degree a long time ago instead of waiting until my 30's.

I would have never opened a Target credit card, lol.

What about you? Anything you would change?

    I know it sounds cliché but honestly I wouldn't change anything. I love my life and everytime I look back I can honestly say that I don't know if I would have what I do now of my life wasn't exactly the way it was.
    Now IF I could have it this way and change something, the only thing that would be is that I would have my grandparents still here. But everything else I would keep the same. I like who I am and that came from every good and bad thing I've gone through.
      I would of waited or would of been more responsible so i wouldnt of gotten pregnant at a young age.
        Jeanette sumner
        I would have not married my first husband and I would have not Run away to Canada.
          I wish I could have realized how much I want to be a health coach back in highschool I would have done all I could to get myself into that field so I'd be better off now. But at the same time if I would have done that things would have bee different now I wouldn't have my 2 precious kiddos and I wouldn't have met my loving husband and I wouldn't have gone through all the struggles I went through to make me a stronger woman!
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