How do you take your coffee?

Mine's pretty simple. Two sweet and lows and french vanilla creamer. I use instant (ewwww gross, right? nah, I love it) coffee since I am the only one in the house who drinks it regularly. And I have a weird thing about clutter being on my counter so I don't keep a coffee maker.

How about you, are you a coffee aficionado, or do you just drink whatever you can get your hands on?

    I am both! I love good coffee but I love crappy coffee. Hahaha I like my coffee iced most of the time with milk and sugar and I drink a lot so I have a coffee maker. Later though I've been making my coffee in the fridge in my coffee press and it is SO good! I grind the coffee beans every morning though too. But there is some instant coffee that I like. Oh heck...I just like coffee!
      Hazelnut creamer and coffee!
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