A Little Better

Nina's been better, today. She's still very clingy, but it's ok. I'll take clingy over crying every 5 minutes!

She keeps doing things to get my attention, like she doesn't already have it, lol. She'll take books off my shelf, toddle over to me and wait for me to get up to get the books back, and then take off down the hall to her room, growling and squeaking or "Yayayaya" or "Dadadadada"-ing all the way, lol. It's really cute. I appreciate her interest in books, but I wish she wouldn't chew on mine!

She also likes me to sit on the couch so we can watch tv or a movie together. She'll either lean against me and get comfy, or she'll bounce all over the cushions, and all over me, while watching whatever's on.

If she's not doing those, she'll grab my pants leg and try to get me to walk with her to her room, where we'll play with some toys or play chase up and down the hallway.

I'm glad she seems to be doing better...it makes it easier on both of us. She keeps going over to the front door or our bedroom door, though, and knocking on it, looking at me, yelling "DA!" and then knocking again. Usually my husband is asleep during parts of the day, since he works a lot, but sometimes I take her in there when its time to wake him up and she bounces on him and the bed; or he'll come home, through the front door for lunch and after his day. I think she thinks he's out there or she wants me to go get him, lol! If I could, I would, believe me!

Also, we're making brownies, today! I added chocolate fudge, just for kicks...I wanna see if the heart stays in shape or not after its cooked.

A Little BetterA Little Better
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