Article: First time after 40

My bf is a first time Father. Our son was born last December, and Ed turned 48 in January. There are so many reasons that I'm glad we're older. Even though we have a mortgage to accommodate our growing family, we own everything we have. Because of that, we're able to set aside money for Charlie instead of trying to swim out of debt. We're also more mature, the games are over. We work for our family and for each other. Period. We understand the meaning of things that we just didn't fully grasp in our 20's.

Now, that's not to say that people should wait. I know plenty of families doing their thing in their 20's and they're doing great! And there's a downside too, of course. When Charlie starts school, his father will be in his 50's. When he graduates high school, his father will be almost 70. And well, let's face it.. at 34 I'm no spring chicken. Age may not have EVERYTHING to do with it (insert big butt comment here), but I can't get up off the floor like I used to.

Did you or your SO become a first time parent at 40 or older? Would you do it differently if you could?

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