Silly Dads!

Mamas.. would love to hear ONE silly thing your hubby/so does with your kiddos that you will forever remember.. that's unique to them!

Mine? (just 4 months in)

He always plays music during Monroe's baths when he gives them and I always catch him singing, dancing, tapping his feet, clapping.. it's the cutest thing.. I hear laughs from my husband and now giggles from Monroe!

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      When Daddy is home on the weekends he will go and get Tristen when he wakes up only Daddy will get in the crib with him and they will sit in there and play together for like 10-15 minutes. Tristen loves it and so does Daddy.
        My husband loves to play squeese the boys. Its so funny
          David loves watching four-wheel videos. He actually was watching them when we were still in the hospital while I was in labor. David has passed that love on to James. James will sit with him and watch them on our computer with us.
            Amanda Hurley
            My husband will lay on the bed completely under the covers and let my children climb and jump to their hearts content.
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