Do you call your two year old or other kids rowdy? Do you think it's a bad word to describe your kids?

Someone I know jokingly said to his daughter "You're being so silly and rowdy!" In a playful and lighthearted voice. He didn't mean anything by it. Apparently it upset the mother though. She called him the next evening saying how she was holding in her feelings but couldn't anymore and how dare he call her child 'rowdy.' (notice how it says 'her' child and not 'our' child.) She got all bent out of shape and yelling and such! Really? Why did she explode like that? The daughter is 2 for crying out loud, of course she's rowdy!! It's the definition of a 2 year old!!! We call Lucas crazy all the time but that doesn't mean we're putting him in a mental institution!!!

What do you mama's think?

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      I think the mom has a negative feeling association with "rowdy". Sometimes if someone doesn't properly deal with an issue, something else could trigger them down the road causing something on a scale that should've been a "2" have someone react with an "8" on a scale of 1-10. That's how bipolar folks work sometimes, reacting with a strong emotion on something that is minor. It sucks!
        Danielle Keltner
        Oh my! My kids never stop, luckily I can't focus on one thing or my brain has a fit. Personally I find it a compliment if children are behaving (not screaming or wining) and still active. Than again I'm not around calm babies. (Other than my youngest)
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