I do think it's hard to be a baby... Do you?

I honestly do think it's hard to be a baby. Sure, on the surface it seems dandy... I yell, you feed me, wipe me, cuddle me... I sleep whenever I want for as long as I want. You do everything in your power to keep me pleased. Your whole life seems to revolve around me, for the most part! (That sounds kind of like slavery now that I think about it... maybe more like indentured servitude, trading your services for joy, love, learning, and patience! Not a bad trade, if you ask me)

But seriously. If I were a baby, I would have no freedom. I couldn't even move around on my own, and beyond that, I couldn't even tell you where I wanted to go! I could only hope you can interpret my varied cries most of the time. Diapers... That certainly doesn't sound fun.

And, as much as I love novelty, being a baby seems so overwhelming. I mean, EVERYTHING is new. It makes me think of venturing into a new big city in a foreign country with no money, home, transportation, anything. It sounds so nerve-wrecking not knowing what anything means, or what anybody was saying... I get a funny feeling in my stomach just thinking about it. Except, as a baby, it'd probably be even worse. It would be like being in that foreign country where more than just the language and culture didn't make sense, except I didn't know what buildings were or cars or how to use a sidewalk. I'd just be wondering aimlessly, hoping there was someone kindhearted enough to understand my gestures and help me. Yikes.

I wouldn't even know how to put myself to sleep! I'd be so sleepy after these new sites and sounds and smells and events, but all I could do was lie there with that rollercoaster feeling in my tummy, wanting to sleep and just crying.... And then, if that kind stranger was helpful enough to comfort me in the city, give me a place to sleep and hold my hand until I calmed down enough to go to sleep... Waking up in the dark! The stranger is gone! I'm so, so hungry and confused, and I can't get up.... I'm so afraid I will never see the stranger again and I am scared and lonely and I start crying again. But! They come back! And the cycle continues...

Add on top of this that my mouth HURTS. If I'm lucky, I can get my fist to my mouth to press on my gums, but I might try and try to no avail, continuing to hit my cheek, or drop what I was holding on to. I'm covered in drool, and I can only hope the stranger will see and wipe off my mouth. It's like my wisdom teeth are coming in all over.... I can't take any medicine, or at least not much.... All the ones in this foreign country are bad for me and might hurt me... Maybe the stranger will be nice enough to put something cold in my mouth.


Do you think it's hard to be a baby?

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