How to make homemade peach baby food

Yummy! To get the most nutrients out of your peaches and in to little one's tummy, find fresh or frozen peaches rather than canned in syrup. If the peaches aren't in season, frozen is probably your best option since freezing is claimed to retain most of the nutrients.

If you're buying fresh, you've got to peel those bad boys. Since we're using the boiling water method, washing first is a good idea. Peaches, like all fruits and veggies can be covered in pesticides and such, unless you buy organic. (I don't, unless it's convenient... Think I might though.) Anywho, wash in your preferred way... vinegar, baking soda, spiffy fruit and veggie wash, whatever.

Okay, fill a pretty big pot with water... I suggest using cold water if you're getting it from the faucet. I read somewhere that the water from the cold pipes has less minerals and crud in it. Seemed apparent on my dishes in hot vs cold water rinse in Cali, but who knows, honestly. Don't quote me. I do it just in case.

Boil that sucker. Have a slotted spoon nearby. Fill a big bowl with ice and water. Okay... Peel the peaches just like you would tomatoes for sauce. Dip them in the boiling water for a little less than a minute, then dig 'em out and throw them on in the ice water. Peel should come right off with your fingers.

(Distraction moment... My neighbor taught me something totally neat! I try to leave potato skins on for nutrients—i.e. I don't like peeling potatoes—but some recipes that's kinda meh. Seriously.. I really don't like to peel them. Seems like so much waste. But my neighbor taught me that if the potatoes are boiled like for potato salad, boil them with the skins on. Put them in a bowl or pot in the fridge to cool a bit, then it'll slide right off with your fingers! When I'm really impatient, I just peel while running cold water. Does get a bit painful if you hold on too long though, lol. Real games of hot potato!)

Now just mash with a fork or whatever you choose to use or puree in a food processor or blender with water if you want a thinner baby food. Just add a little at a time so you don't end up with peach juice.

There's a great list on of what you can try mixing it with, or leave the peaches as they are.

Sweet potatoes
Butternut squash
Full-fat Greek yogurt
Baby oatmeal
I suppose you could use a baby bullet too.

Can you mix pureed fruits and veggies with breast milk instead of water if you plan to freeze or refrigerate instead of serving immediately?

How do you mamas make your peach baby food puree?

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      I have made peach puree too, it also taste great with bananas, I have made extra and ate them as popsicles too, also try mixing with mango!
      I love making baby food and I do use my breastmilk in them. Selena loves all the food I've made. I had to mix breastmilk with the avocado and she enjoyed it more than when it was plain.
      Oooh I just bought some peaches. Totally think I'm going to make popsicles now! Minus the breast milk of course, lol.
      Ha ha yea use coconut water when making the popsicles they'll taste great!
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