Common Core

I am doing a research paper on the common core standards that mostly all states have started to take part of and I was wondering what are some of your inputs are about this "new" education that is being pushed.

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        My kids do homework and take tests all year, and then they have to take the OAA (Ohio Achievement Assessment) at the end of the year. It's almost as if the state doesn't trust the teachers and wants to test the students themselves. When I was in school, I had to take the Iowa Basics in even years. I guess it's just a nationwide assessment. I think it's a good idea to have a standardized test. That tells colleges and employers that a student really did the work.
          I don't know how I feel about Common Core at the moment. At first, especially with the math initiatives, I hated it. Now I don't hate it as much, it seems like we are teaching our kids a few different ways to come to the same answer and this may be good for children who don't learn as well in the traditional models of rote memorization. I don't know much about the other subjects, it seems like I have only seen it from the parent side in math.

          I do worry about how this will play out in conjunction with NCLB. This is what I read about in the myths vs facts section about it, and I don't even see how it is possible for one not to effect the other.

          Myth: The standards will be implemented through No Child Left Behind (NCLB), signifying that the federal government will be leading them.

          Fact: The Common Core is a state‐led effort that is not part of No Child Left Behind or any other federal initiative. The federal government played no role in the development of the Common Core. State adoption of the standards is in no way mandatory. States began the work to create clear, consistent standards before the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which provided funding for the Race to the Top grant program. It also began before the Elementary and Secondary Education Act blueprint was released, because this work is being driven by the needs of the states, not the federal government. Learn more about the development process here.

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