Long days ahead!

Cory is off to his first day at the new job :-) he's got a longer commute so it means longer days for me and baby without Daddy but hopefully he will love the job and that will make it worth it :-) baby boy woke up grumpy...his fever is 100.2 after tylenol and he's teething hard core again. He cried so hard when Daddy left, he just wanted to cuddle with him. But he settled for cuddle time with Mommy :-) poor bug wouldn't even eat cheese puffs this morning who his the go to thing when he doesn't want to eat. He seems to be a little better now though.

Moms Expertise
    I'm sure Cory will love the job. He was grinning from ear to ear this morning before he left and all worried about what he should wear lol
    Baby bug is cutting molars through which have been so much worse than the front teeth. He got one in last week and now he's working on some more. Hopefully he will get them all in at once. He's normally a little behind the game when it comes to getting teeth and then he gets 3-4 at once.
    Well...I can't stop it and it normally means he naps longer and he's cuddly so I'm not gonna complain about it. Lol I just wish he didn't have to hurt but every kid has to go through it :-)
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