A little confused.

Hi ladies. I was just wondering if anyone experienced implantation bleeding and if so what was it like? I started what I think was my period on the 10th. My periods are usually heavy and last 5-6 days. This one was different. It started kind of heavy (not like usual) and at no point was red. It was a rusty color. It stopped on the 12th. Me and hubby used that to our advantage and I started bleeding again. About 2 hours later went to the bathroom and again no blood. I didn't feel a single cramp this month and I usually can't get out if bed my first day. I took a test it came out negative on the 14th. Did I maybe test too soon? Or was that my period for this month?

    Sorry ladies I had my dates mixed up. I started on the 5th and was due on the 6th. Today is cd 12 and I'm sort pf feeling a pulling feel on the right side (possible ovulation cramping) I get that every month during ovulation. It was the 10th I tested not the 14th.
      Me too. I tested again today it came out negative and these lil pinching pains turned it to lil sharp pains. That's the ovulation cramps I'm used to, so no doubt that's what it is.
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