Daily "Schedule"

Do you mommas keep the same routine every day? Do you have troubles keeping things on schedule? Or is it just a loose thing of "what happens, happens" type day?

I usually try to keep the same general thing going every day. It's changed, lately, since my husband was deployed, since for now I don't need to have lunch and dinner prepared for when he's home and since he's just generally not here. It's still a very changeable schedule, lol, but it's at the same time very much the same every day.

8:00 am
~Nina usually wakes up around now and lets me know very loudly that she's awake.

8:15 am
~Nina's been changed, dressed, and is ready for breakfast (this can be anything from Milk and Fruit, to just Milk or Toast, depending on how much she's willing to cooperate that morning)

8:45 am
~Mommy stayed up til 1:00 am last night, so Nina gets put in her room with the baby gate up across the door, a sippy cup or bottle of water/juice, and a movie going so Mommy can nap for the duration of the movie (This has yet to be the full duration of the nap...usually it's maybe 20-30 minutes lol).

9:20 am
~Nina's done being in the room, and lets me know by loudly throwing any toy she can find across the baby gate and into the hallway wall, giggling the entire time she does so.

9:30 am
~Mommy and Nina head out for a bike ride together. Nina has a bottle with water in the trailer with her, and a couple little toys. (The length of the ride varies on the temperature, weather, how mommy or nina feels that day)

11:00 am
~Mommy and Nina are back home, and Mommy has yet to eat at all today. So mommy eats something along the lines of a sliced green apple, toast, or, on weekends, a Tostinos Triple Cheese Party Pizza. Nina, of course, wants some of whatever Mommy is eating, because her own lunch of grilled cheese, or chicken and mac n cheese, or whatever she's eating is never as interesting as what Mommy is nomming, apparently. Nina runs free around the apartment after having munched some of her food and having thrown the rest, while Mommy eats. The child is either constantly disrupting the meal by stealing books off of the bookshelf, slapping mommy's lap with them, and then taking off down the hallway to chew on the stolen books so mommy must rescue them, or running back and forth from her own room to the living room, trying to somehow simultaneously watch both Scrubs/Archer/30 Rock/The Venture Bros/Whatever-Mommy-is-Watching at the time, and the movie in her own room which is either Cinderella, Frozen, or The Little Mermaid.

11:30 am - Noon
~It's nap time for Nina! She'll get settled down in her bed with a bottle of water or milk and the rest of the movie in her room going. She gets a few toys in the crib and her blanket. Whether or not she actually naps, it's at least going to be quiet time so Mommy can have a break. She usually falls asleep within 30 minutes, whether or not the movie's over. Mommy occasionally peeks in during the nap to make sure she's ok (yes, mommy still worries about babies stopping breathing for no reason even though said baby is almost 14 months old).

Noon - 2/3:00 pm
~Nina is napping. Mommy plays around online, or does some pushups/situps/jumping jacks and has a shower. It's Mommy's Free Time, where she doesn't have to constantly worry about what Nina's getting into, whether or not her books will make it slobber-free through the day, why it's so suspiciously quiet, or any other number of things Nina-related. She just has to occasionally make sure Nina's doin good during her nap. Maybe she does the dishes, or takes out the trash.

2/3:00 pm
~Nina wakes up. Nina and Mommy either go to the grocery store, go for a walk, play outside, watch a movie, or just generally hang out for a while. By "hang out", I mean the things mentioned in the "things mommy doesn't have to worry about while Nina naps" section. The chewed-on books, randomly running from room to room trying to watch both TVs at once, climbing all over mommy, dragging mommy from room to room trying to watch both TVs at once, playing with toys, etc.

6:00-ish pm
~Mommy and Nina are ready for dinner. Nina sometimes wants to eat the same thing as mommy. Otherwise, Mommy has to cook herself something, and fix something for nina while making sure very little of it ends up on the carpet/in her hair/in the diaper/on the TV. How messy nina herself gets at this point is moot, since bath time isn't far away. Mommy and Nina eat their dinner while something plays on the living room TV (we don't have a dining room or a table...we have Mommy's Desk, Daddy's Desk, a High Chair, and the Coffee Table as available eating surfaces).

7:00ish pm
~Dinner is done, and mostly cleaned up. Nina runs around free-style while Mommy cleans up the disaster zone that was once "a high chair", and she is determined it will be again. Nina tries to help. She's not very good at it, yet. Mommy is more convinced that the child is trying to help the mess, more than helping the mommy.

7:30 pm
~Mommy plays with Nina a little while longer. The apartment is a toy-nado at this point in the day. Nina has some milk, or a snack.

8:00 pm
~Bath time bath time! Nina takes a bath and tries to eat bubbles and drink bath water and wash everything except herself.

8:30/45 pm
~Nina runs around in her birthday suit for a few minutes, trying desperately to not get dried off by mommy and the evil bath towel while the tub drains. Nina is eventually dried, diapered, and put in PJs. Mommy tries to clean off Nina's teeth while Nina does everything she can to bite Mommy's fingers off.

9:00 pm
~Nina is settled into bed with a sippy cup or a bottle of water, her blanket, and a couple toys. Night night, nina!

After 9:00 pm
~Mommy cleans the apartment. Toys are put away, blankets are re-folded, couch cushions put back where they belong. Dishes are cleaned, Trash is taken out, and a quick vacuum run is done. The bathroom is cleared of water and the bath tub rinsed out with a quick shower spray to get rid of left-over bubbles. Mommy also scrubs food out of the carpet and off of her desk, and then takes another shower. Books are checked for tears, drool, and chew marks. Then it is time for Mommy to do whatever the hell mommy wants.

Midnight - 1:00 am
~Bedtime for mommy! ...but not before a game of tetris on her phone, which can last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on how good mommy is that night.

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