Getting The Car Fixed....

so I originally took the car in to get the gaskets replaced. Midas said they were leaking and needed replaced. That was going to be about 500. Well the guy called and after taking a look he said it doesn't look like it's leaking. So that saved me 500 bucks but now I have to spend close to 1000 dollars to get the timing belt assembly changed. It's supposed to be done every 90,000 miles but since there is no previous owner records of this being done, I have to do it. But at least I know that after that, there are no major problems with my car which is a plus lol. So hopefully, everything stays strong in this car for a while!

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      8Theresa Gould
      We need new brakes for the truck. Car repairs always stink but it is always a relief to have everything in good working order.
        the owner was very nice and said he was perfectly fine with us getting our own parts for the repair. So that'll help with the cost as well. Roc Auto has timing belt kits for about 150 so I'll just pay for the labor. He also said he'd let me make payments on the repair so I don't have to fork out 700 dollars all at once. He was very nice and I really appreciated all he's done for me so far!!!
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