Baby Walker Toys

Avery had both a push walker and the kind they stand in. The stand in walker was too heavy for her too move very well. It was nice to let her stand in it when I was cooking or something and couldn't hold her. Or if we needed another place for her to eat (it had a tray for food/toys). Otherwise, it was kind of a waste of money.

The push walker was/is awesome. She's walking completely on her own now but still loves to play with it. We bought one for like $25 at target and it's great. She also got another cart/wagon thing for her birthday that she really likes. The push walkers are good because it give the child enough freedom to really learn how to move their legs properly. I totally recommend them :)

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    8Theresa Gould
    Ours used a couple of different push walker toys. One was a fire truck outside and the other was at grandma's house.
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