Foods to avoid while pregnant

Our appetites seem to go nuts when we're pregnant, moderation is key but there are some foods that should be cut out completely.

When I found out I was pregnant I took my diet very seriously. I still ended up with gestational diabetes. My doctor gave me a handout of what should be avoided. I think it's important to get this information from your doctor. The internet can be a great resource but can also give false information. Some of the things on my list were:

Fish that can have high levels of mercury such as swordfish, mackarel, tuna (canned tuna has lower levels of mercury but you should still limit consumption), and shark. My OB said to stick to fish that are not predatory.
Deli meat
Soft cheeses like brie, roquefort, feta, queso freso, gorgonzola
Raw meats or fish
Unpasteurized milk or juices
Caffeine should be avoided, but under 200 mg per day is still considered safe.
Unwashed vegetables

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