Article: In the Zone!

This article explains how hypno birthing works and how it's helped a lot of mama's have a pain free labor and delivery! I find it very interesting, but I loved my epidural and had a good experience overall. So I'm not sure I would ever try this lol.

Did any mama's out there try this or think about trying this? Let me know! I want to hear anything you've got to say!

    8Theresa Gould
    I've heard a lot of good things about water birth. We never had space in our townhome for a pool so I never tried it.
      It is interesting, but I'm not sure I'll ever have a regular-enough pregnancy to try it.

      Can I sidebar? I super-appreciate the "I love my epidural" comments! I wanted to try it without, but I was in overall too much pain, and I always feel compelled to explain why I had my epidural because on some level, I'm a little ashamed. I have to say that I really had a better time after my epidural, and I appreciate hearing the same! No judging on natural births--I value that too, so much to be ashamed I didn't get to try one. Okay, ending my sidebar, sorry!
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