Allowance for chores

When I was growing up, I got around 5 bucks every week for chores.

When I was in High School some of my friends received 20 bucks for dong NOTHING.

Anyone else receive an allowance for chores when growing up?

    8Theresa Gould
    We got a few dollars for a while and then my parents stopped. We don't give our children an allowance. They can earn money though by doing extra work like haying and starting their own farm enterprise.
      No allowance for me or my brother. We still had to do chores though as that was a part of being a productive member of the family. I was given money for food at school and my parents would buy things for me here and there. I like the idea of an allowance as you can learn to budget it. However I don't like the idea of giving money for doing everyday chores as that should be what is expected when you are part of a family.
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