How to wake a baby who falls asleep nursing?

I've never nursed, but Lucas has fallen asleep having a bottle before. For us, if he did fall asleep, I'd see how much he ate and if it was a lot, then I'd just take him to bed. If it wasn't too much and I know he'd be awake within 20 minutes because he'd be hungry again; I'd gently stroke his face or rock him a bit to get him to open his eyes and finish his bottle. If you need to wake your baby from sleeping during a feeding, just do it softly and gently so as not to startle them and scare them lol.

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    8Theresa Gould
    Yes, my motto is never to wake a sleeping baby, but if baby didn't nurse very long then I'd wake them up to see if they'd nurse more, especially a newborn.
      I tried breastfeeding for a little while but ultimately it did not work for us. Charlie always fell asleep while eating. The nurses in the hospital told me to take him down to his diaper during feeding and wipe a cool rag along his back or chest to keep him away, also tickling his feet or playing with his cheeks. What worked for us too was twisting the bottle in his mouth, it's like it reminded him that he was eating and he would wake up.
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