How I got pregnant: my story

Well isn't this a personal question lol. Good thing I have no shame, so, here we go! David and I moved in together December 14th, 2012. That week we basically did it like rabbits haha. It was pretty constant and so much fun for us. It was great bonding too because after we finished ( ;) ) we would still stay together and just talk or look at each other; just being close has always been a plus for us. It's not all about the work of 'let's make a baby' or 'let's just have sex because I need a release.' It's really special for us. (Missionary is our go to position for times we just want to be close. :) ) And of course I had been off of birth control for about an months and there was no using condoms for us. So, about a week later I noticed my breasts were a little tender and then two weeks later I noticed that my period was late! I took two tests a few days after New Year's and both were positive!!! Forty weeks later our Lucas made his debut!!!!

And that's how I got pregnant lol. Yay me! :D

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    It happened quickly for us too.
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