Who had it right, Plato or Aristotle?

When it comes to how people should be educated, who had it right?

Plato's idea was that society would be broken up in artisans, soldiers and philosophers. The first two were to build and defend, the last one was the "mind" so to speak. Each one would be educated according to their skills and those skills would be fine tuned into a craft that would make them masters in their area.

Aristotle said no no no, we can't do that. Everyone needs a formal education because that is how you rise as a society. His idea was to make all education more practical and well suited to all students.

So, in your mind who had it right? Plato or Aristotle?

    I like Aristotle's, I guess. Plato's makes me think of too many movies and stories where the society was like that, you were born to be one thing and raised that way completely and people didn't feel complete in their places. As Aristotle's, you get the general educations, and then you can take it into your own hands to cultivate your skills in a specific direction.
      I like to mix the two--if someone has the drive to make it to an Aristotelian level, I say go for it, but I'd like there to be a Platonic backup plan. Does that make sense? :)
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