Fun preschool activities to do in the fall

We love to do these things as a family, including our preschoolers:

apple picking
play in the leaves
bake pumpkin or apple goodies
color turkeys
make homemade Thanksgiving decorations
learn about Canadian and American Thanksgiving
make donuts
make lefse
make fall sugar cookies
take leaves and put it under a blank piece of paper and color

What do you and your preschoolers/family do?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
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8Theresa Gould
Lefse is a Norwegian potato bread. My husband's grandma use to make it for her family every Christmas. When I found out no one was carrying on the tradition I wanted to keep it going. Thankfully I had a friend who knew how to make it and taught me. Now we make it our fall tradition, rather than Christmas because Christmas is already too busy. Our children LOVE it, the lefse and the tradition and are the ones who remind us, "We haven't made lefse yet." :)
    You're making me autumn-sick! I LOVE autumn, and I can't wait until Maddie is old enough to enjoy these activities. Last autumn, we kind of just ran around and played with the leaves, lol.
    8Theresa Gould
    Hey, that's the start of a family tradition and fun to boot!
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