Scary Movies

I normally don't care what kind of movies kids watch, within reason. Yknow, no majorly sex-scene movies for little ones! Though, there is one movie...well, two, that will never, EVER be played in this mommy's house!

Jaws and Killer Clowns From Outer Space.

I. HATE. Them.

I saw both of them in the same week once at my dad's house when I was eight...and I had nightmares for months. I blame Jaws for my phobia of the ocean, lol! I can't even stick my hand into water that I can't see through completely for the irrational fear that there's something in there, even though I know there isnt.

Are there any movies that you forbid to ever exist in your home?

    I'm personally not a fan of torture-thrillers, so if my kids want to find them when they get older, that's fine, but they're just not allowed in my house.
      8Theresa Gould
      I'm not a fan of horror movies. Movies with explicit sex, F-bomb etc. are not allowed. I wish there was a Clear Play for streaming!
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