Do you like your neighbors? Are they friends with your kids?

I was thinking about this the other day. We teach our kids that if an emergency happens to run to the neighbor and have them dial 911. But I don't really make friends with my neighbors, so which house would mine run to? I have no idea.

Do your kids know the neighbors? Would they feel comfortable going to any of your neighbors to ask for help in an emergency?

    I think that would fly in my neighborhood. Our neighbors are very friendly, although their kids are about my age. My daughter is the youngest, but our neighbors love having a baby around. My one neighbor is home all of the time because she gives piano lessons, so yes, that sounds like something we could feasibly do.
      4Ronna Jones
      The only ones would be the neighbors who's house isn't finished yet. They are friends from church! Until then they would have to go two streets over to the community office.
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