idk how to handle everything

i am loosing it and crying a lot . Nobody can understand me but my husband and he not here

    8Theresa Gould
    I'm sorry, Tetyana Zinyuk . Do you have help? Have you talked to someone about the possibility of you suffering from postpartum depression? When is your husband due home? Do you get to talk to him on the phone or Skype or Facetime?
      We are all here for you!

      Have you talked to your doctor yet? I think you need to call your doctor and see them right away. It sounds like you are suffering from postpartum depression. Postpartum depression is very common and women usually get better quickly with treatment. Please seek treatment and don't suffer. I had postpartum depression and treatment helped.
        At my first month, I thought for sure I had postpartum depression. I just couldn't get back into my life, I was sooo sleepless, and although I loved my daughter, I couldn't help thinking that I ruined everything by having her. True story. My doctor told me that I was still in the window for the baby blues--cute name, just as hard as full-out depression. Seriously. And it did get better.

        Definately check in with your doctor, dear, and please talk to us more. Many of us have been there, and although it's hard, we understand, and you will get through it and be happy again!
          Much love and support coming to you and the baby. Please don't hesitate to talk to people. I hope this link will help.
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