What do you use a journal for a baby for?

I think there are two types of baby journals--one for every day stuff, like tracking nursing, feedings, wet or soiled diapers, and that kind of thing. There's also a keepsake journal, where you can track the milestones--sitting up, rolling over, the first steps.

I personally keep one of each (yes, still!), but I do so on my phone with apps rather than on paper. I bought three keepsake books and never had the time to sit and write anything.

My day-to-day journal is called FeedBabyPro (Android), I did pay for it, but it was under $3, and I've been using it since my daughter was born. Initially, I tracked nursing, and then I tracked pumping, and I still track sleeping. I can pull up all of her night sleeps and naps for the last three months at the drop of a hat, and I can graph them and show trends. I'm a numbers girl, and I like looking at data that way. I can see if she's sleeping longer or shorter, and keep tabs on what is normal for her.

My keepsake journal is called Peekaboo Moments (Android, with a Facebook plugin), it's currently free, and straight from my phone I can upload pictures and memories. I've kept it up since she was born, and I have a lot of great things easily in reach. The site hosts both pictures and video (although I think video will be a pay service soon), and you can even print out a book eventually. Everything is there and easy to access and share with family.

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    8Theresa Gould
    I used it for nursing and feedings too. As well as for keeping track of my pregnancies so I could remember things that happened or feelings I felt.
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