Farm and nature discovery preschool for children

We use to go to this working farm in Schaumburg, IL. It was operated under the umbrella of the Parks and Recreation center of the city/village of Schaumburg. Our children LOVED it. It was where B first milked a cow. It is where we learned to make butter in a jar. It is where our oldest learned to braid using corn husks. It was free to go when we visited but it's been years and I think there is an admissions fee now.

We also use to go to the State park for nature's walks. It was free. We'd look for different items, try to identify different trees from a nature book we have, the children would do drawings of our time on our walk and any older ones would write about what we found and did.

We volunteered at an organic learning farm. We were henhouse helpers and our preschoolers got to collect eggs, clean nesting boxes, feed chickens and help wash and pack, if they proved themselves careful.

Now we own a farm and offer the experience to others. :)

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    I'm not sure, Debi. I just know the last time children were asking to come back because they had so much fun. All we did was give them a tour, let the feed and pet the animals, collect eggs, give they a soap demonstration, fed them homemade yogurt and pound cake....and my let them swing from the rafters of the barn where there are ropes hanging!
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