Vaginal itch in pregnancy: possible causes

Vaginal itching is actually quite common during pregnancy. Your body is using extra moisture, so you may find yourself more dehydrated than normal. Vaginal dryness can cause itching and irritation, and scratching usually makes it worse.
On the other side of things, you could be sweating more than usual. Just as dryness can cause itching, excess moisture collected in the vulvar area can cause the area to become irritated.

Constant hormone fluctuations can actually make a yeast infection more likely while you are pregnant. Your vaginal pH level often goes up, and the reduced acidity allows yeast and other bacteria to thrive. As with any other yeast infection, confirm your symptoms with a doctor before attempting to cure it.

Whenever you are experiencing symptoms of vaginal itching, you should try to avoid using scented soaps or hygiene products in the affected area. During pregnancy, it is also important to avoid garments that are tight in the crotch, since your changing weight will often make them tighter and put pressure on the area.
When you are pregnant, you need to be especially careful about what you use to treat any itching. Talk to your doctor about any products or methods you are considering to make sure that they will not cause any complications.
Vaginal itching during pregnancy is both common and treatable. It may be irritating, but keeping the area clean and staying hydrated will usually help reduce the symptoms.

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