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From some research I've done a 3 to 4 months old bed time should be about 6pm and sleep for twelve hours with maybe 2 woke ups for feedings. And then 3 to 4 naps through out the day.

Up until I've learned this Elizabeth's bed time would be between 10 and 11 and maybe only 7 hours. And only a couple twenty min naps.

Well what I researched makes sense cuz she is crabby all the time and doesn't sleep well at night. Overly tired probably makes sense. And I would love the 6pm bed time. But for the last 3 night I have tried getting my sweet baby asleep by 7 or 8 to start.... Its just not working. She wakes up as soon as I set her down. Or she just fights sleep. I have not been able to get her to sleep b4 nine since we decided a earlier bed time was best. The room is dark.... She sleeps in a onsie because our bedroom is warm. I've tried rocking her till she's completely asleep and tried just laying her in the bassinet awake. I just spent the last hour rocking the bassinet and singing to her and kept putting the pacifier back in her mouth and then out of nowhere she started screaming.

I am so frustrated. My poor baby has to be exhausted.
Please help.

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    Hmm.. does she nap not long before you put her down? That could be the issue.. honestly, for us 6pm is way too early for a bedtime. Monroe is 4 months old and we lay him down between 8-8:30 typically and he will sleep until 6:30-7:30am.. so I don't think it's necessarily JUST the going to bed that early does it.. it's what is happening before hand.. if you think about it, they don't know what time any of this is happening, they just know how long they sleep for either during a nap or at bedtime - does that make sense? Monroe mainly takes cat naps during the day too.. every so often he will nap for a full hour or longer during the day.. but it doesn't make him anymore fussy.. I say do what works for YOU.. I definitely don't always go by research :) I'm sure she will get it!
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