C sections!!!!!!!!

i had my daughter almost two years ago on july tenth will be two years and im having really bad pains in the c section area where the scar and a sex has been very very painful for me and i talked to my gyno's office and they wont make an appointment for me so here's my attempt to figure out what is wrong before i go to the hospital just to see a doctor because it has been bothering me to pick up anything and bending down bothers me and the other night i had cried from intimacy with my husband so any one with c sections can you help me out please!!!

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    i had called another gyno in my area and they said they needed my pap smear results tho i read the paper my doctor had gave me just saying everything was normal. and they said they would need me to fax it over to them so i will be calling my gyno tomorrow and telling them i am switching and get my paper work and trying to find one that will actually see me with out giving me hell for it. i moved to california and have not been able to get to a doctors in for ever they normally tell me to take my daughter or my self to urgent care instead of seeing them then urgent care gets mad and says im supposed to go to my docotrs so its a hard state to be taken care of in health care
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