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This article chats about something.. but she never comes right out and says it.. something is different about her little boy.. in his physical abilities.. something is a little different. But like all parents and family, it becomes the normal and you deal with it, make it yours and learn to live a new way.. This article centers around thinking they (the family as a whole) had more time to think about how they would chat with their son about why and how he is different. That perhaps it would be awhile until he noticed, that they had more days, weeks, months.. but boom, then they don't.. their little guy realizes and confesses on a school morning drive that he realizes he is different. It's from the sweet Mom's perspective, how it hits her, how she wishes a zillion different things could be done.. how it breaks a Mamas heart.. it's a great read.. I loved the emotion and couldn't imagine feeling the way she does..

Mamas.. is there something you wish you could have sheltered your child from for longer?…

    Lucas has a rare type of mark on his head and he doesn't grow hair there, so it's easily noticeable. When we went to Florida to see my family and friends EVERYONE commented or said stuff about it; like it was some sort of contagious thing. All I wanted to do was run back to our room and hide. That's the only thing I've wanted to protect him from in a major way so far.
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