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Hii I'm new to this. I have a four year old boy. I made the mistake every first parent does expect ally when they are raising the baby alone. I always used to let him sleep with me. I've been fighting him for a year to sleep in his own bed. My daughter is 7 months and I have not slept with her once. How do I change my sons attitude about sleeping in his own bed? Any advice would be awesome!

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    Co-sleeping isn't a mistake. I just got my kids into their own bed, and they are 8 and about to be 6. I had them in their own beds three years ago, but we lost my brother-in-law, and it was a tremendous loss for them and they regressed. Now they know they can only come in if they are afraid, and that they have to go to sleep first. When they were younger, I'd lay with them for quiet time before they fell asleep, that worked well if you have the time for that. Otherwise the promise of a coveted item or excursion does wonders for incentive to sleep alone. The funny thing is for me that my boys don't like to sleep alone, so they sleep together in one of their beds each night. If that is the case a large stuffed animal would help him not to feel lonely. I hope this helps.
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