Felt so bad

So for the past 9months i always came to vincent every night when he cries. I would also always pick him up, hug him and spend at least 5mins with hin until he calmed down so i could lay him without another meltdown.
Well the dr said i shouldnt pick him up and stay with him. I should go in after 5-10mins of screaming and crying, make sure he is not hurt or need a diaper change, and to reassure him i will come to him when he needs me but enough for him to learn that i wont take him out.
So at starting at 10:15pm i heard vincent starting to cry. But i thought ok let him cry and i will take a shower. We got out of the shower and his small cry of calling for me came to a cry of panic. I walked in his room and he is just in a full blowen meltdown.
He was sitting up, i rubbed his back and he kept reaching his arms out. I told him no up and rubbed his back so he kept throwing himself back. So i would sit him back up and rub his back. I kept doing this and i offered him a sip of water from a sippy cup but he was not calming down. After i layed him down on his back, rubbed his tummy, held his hand and gave hima nook he calmed down. I helped him up and he took 3 sips of water and he was calm.
I layed him down, rubbed his belly, and re gave him a nook, and he was calm enough so i walked out.
But man it took me 15mins just to calm him this way instead of the 5mins it always took me. But i know he needs fo learn the value of calming down and sleeping better

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