Disney and Their Songs...

Kids Movies have one major thing going for them: The Songs.
I have babysat...2 younger brothers, 5 younger cousins, 1 younger half-aunt, and a couple of my younger brothers' friends over the years, and I gotta tell ya...I know all the damn songs by heart.

It's at the point where I have some of them BY CHOICE on my youtube playlists. I was thinking of this, because a song from Hercules came on my playlist...the one where Meg is singing about love, lol! I've loved that song forever, but that's no excuse for the others! Songs from Frozen...The Lion King...Anastasia (I know, it's not disney but it might as well be), and some others.

My husband would always tease me whenever Nina was watching Shrek. I have seen that movie so many times...I'm just sitting there talking along with the whole movie! The version of "Holding Out For A Hero" they use in Shrek 2...just. Ah.

Anyone else suffer from Kid-Movie-Song-nia?

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