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Havent been on here in while, things have been chaotic at work, and then joshs sister had a miscarriage and I was with her up at the drs app and the ultrasound when they told us there wasn't a heartbeat and then the next day she miscarried, yea not a fun thing. She is doing better but still coping with losing what could've been. sad thing is the hospital left it all in her clothes and then when she said something they put it in a Ziploc bag and a small medicine box and told her to dispose of it, so we had a little funeral for the baby.

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    My in laws called an attorney from indy to try to sue the people who were working that night, like how can you just leave that all in her clothes and bag up her clothes? then when she asked bout it being there, they put it in a Ziploc bag and put it in a small medicine box and gave it to her to dispose of, Ive NEVER ever heard or seen somebody tell the mother who just miscarried her child to dispose of her child like that, it's their job to dispose and clean up, plus I thought they were suppose to use and test on it to see what caused the miscarriage. but no they went by an ultrasound. and her dr told her weeks ago at her first appointment that she was 17 weeks didn't even examine or anything, then we went there on wed bc she was bleeding, the dr examined her finally and said there is no way you are what we thought you were and so we had to get an ultrasound and the radiologist said there was no heartbeat detected and she measured 7 weeks. then said they couldn't tell if this little tad pole looking thing was the baby or a cyst due to no heartbeat, then said it she could been having a ectopic pregnancy but they were gonna wait a week and see if a heartbeat does appear but then the next day she was rushed to the hospital, and was bleeding everywhere uncontrollably in the waiting area and they made her walk back to the er rooms!
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