Sorry I have been MIA lately, but............

It's been 4 weeks since Connor's death. A LOT has happened and has been happening in our house.
I believe I have already posted that Makenzie had shoved a rubber band up her nose. She also stuck a cookie in there.
Miss Makenzie has potty trained herself in less than 2 days. She doesn't even pee at night.
My dad has been having mini heart attacks and did not tell anyone he was in pain until 3 days ago. This has been going on for two weeks. He went into the ER yesterday because of chest pains and shortness of breath.
My friend's husband went into the ER two days ago for chest pains and shortness of breath. He needs open heart surgery (they found out last year), but he has no insurance and medicaid keeps denying him.
Jasmine graduated kindergarten yesterday. She got the equivalent to an all A and B report card.
My husband sprained his wrist two weeks ago while helping my dad. He has had to miss quite a few days of work this month with the death and then the injury. I am trying to make everything work financially.
Finally, I have a hard time getting on social networks lately. For the past 8 months, all of my posting has been related to my pregnancy and little Connor. I guess I do have a lot of other things to talk about, like how do you potty train boys? Grahm seems like he is almost ready. But that will come in another post.

Amanda HurleyFlat Rock, Michigan
    Melissa Middleton
    I've been wondering about you and your family. There isn't a need to apologize; you've had so much occurring in your life. Congrats to Miss Jasmine and awesomeness on Makenzie potty training herself--smart girls.
    My boy isn't there yet but with my nephews, we had them sit for a while until they got the hang of peeing in the potty chair, and then had them stand. We would put Fruit Loops or Cheerios in the potty seat to practice their aim. Once they started stripping their diaper off, we decided it was time.
    Melissa Middleton
    PS I am sorry about your friend's husband and your father. I hope they both recover.
      Glad your still on here Amanda!
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        Amanda Hurley
        We are still having some issues with behavior. She is calming down now.
          8Theresa Gould
          Yay for Makenzie potty training herself, one less thing for you to do! Congratulations on Jasmine graduating form kindergarten and for starting to see some calming in her. I'm sure it must be rough.

          So sorry about your dad, your husband's wrist and husband's friend. :( When it rains, it pours, it seems like.

          There are some posts about training boys in the Moms Expertise section if you want to do a search, otherwise, feel free to ask away!

          Nice to have you back!
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