Wow logan is getting worse

So yestday logab had his mind made up he didnt want to eat dinner. After asking him 5times and telling him no popscile he finally ate. But he ate it with attitude.
After dinner he had swim lessons. We got there and he was jumping on the bleachers showing a little girl who ended up getting removed cuz her mom got sick of her not listening after she told her not to jump. Then the teacher called the kids over and all the kids walked nice up until half way. This little boy was ahead of logan when logan got mad that he was not first. Logan pushed the boy and the boy almost fell. The teacher talked to logan and logan had to apologize. After that logan behaved.

Now this morning since i gave him a set of his toys back in his room he again woke up early and started playing with them. So again i removed the toys i gave him back. Try again next week.

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