Bringing babies to movies

What do you think? Sure so long as the parent takes the baby out if s/he is crying but I think the environment is just too loud to have a baby there in the first place! I've seen babies at concerts, too. I don't get that!

    I took Mason to a movie when he was just a week or two old. I really needed to get out of the house. I held him and he slept almost the entire time. I think he woke up for a few minutes and I fed him and he went right back to sleep.

    I think it depends a lot on the movie. I went to see Julie and Julia - it wasn't a loud, action packed movie it was mostly just conversational. I don't think I would take a baby to a concert or a movie where there would be a lot of startling noises. I also wouldn't take an infant, only a newborn... newborns sleep ALL the time. At least with my kids, once they get a little older they would have been awake for at least part of the movie and it would have been difficult to keep them quietly occupied while still being able to keep enough focus on the movie to actually watch.
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