Found out Im moving

So the other day I found out the owners of the home I rent are selling the house. They have given us 60 days to find somewhere else to live. Talk about stressful. So my husband and I decided that we want to buy our first home. yay! We have fill out all the applications and now its just time to sit and wait and see if we are approved. I have given the family I babysit notice about us moving. The good thing is they told me they are happy for us and they are going to follow us wherever we move too. We are hoping to stay in the same town but move to the new part. Im really excited to finally have my own home and start another chapter is our lives. But Im also really nervous that we wont get approved and if we dont then we have to find another place to rent which is extremely hard in our area. Rent prices have gone up and most places don't allow dogs. So I am so many emotions all bottled up. I know either way this is a blessing in disguise and this may be the little push that our family needed. I just hate this waiting game. Thanks for listening :)

    So exciting!! Buying a home can be stressful, but it is so exciting. Keep us updated on the progress!! Also, I know all too well how you are feeling - our landlords gave us 90 days notice and I panicked... we took our time finding a place, and were still out in under 60 days (but we were renting again).
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