Anyone see the mom who was breastfeeding while she graduated college? I saw it on the Wendy Williams show the other day. One of the women commented that she should have pumped and then given the baby a bottle! How ridiculous!!! I don't know about anyone else's baby, but mine won't take cold milk. The milk would not stay warm long enough for a graduation ceremony! I personally would have covered up to breastfeed but she can do whatever she wants! Maybe people shouldn't comment on things they don't know anything about. Its hard to keep breastmilk warm long enough to go to the grocery store, let alone through a graduation ceremony. Maybe I am just missing something? Are there some tricks to keeping breastmilk warm that I don't know about???

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    I admire that mother for completing college all while being pregnant, raising a baby and breastfeeding her baby. She is an amazing example to follow. I am so sad she is being criticized.
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      I am not sure if she was receiving her diploma... The picture they showed looked like it was after the ceremony. But I really don't know. I personally am just getting used to breastfeeding in public. At first I was so scared to do it... It was hard for me because my baby wouldn't latch properly, and I was constantly putting her back on. Now that she is two months we finally got the hang of it :)
        I haven't seen this, but I completely agree. It makes me insane that women are criticized for feeding their babys
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