Oh No!

It's only 10 minutes from Noon, and I've made a disaster today!
I was filling the sink with soap and water to do the dishes, and I left the kitchen for a moment to go see what Nina had just thrown (my books) and then I got side-tracked again...and again...and then I sat down at my desk and heard a strange sound. It was...crackly? I shot out of my chair to the kitchen, afraid that the oven which was cooking a party pizza was on fire or something, only to slip the moment I entered the kitchen barefoot and in a hurry, and slid and slammed into the counter and hurt my foot/hip/side...The sink was overflowing everywhere! That crackly sound was water and dish soapy bubbles hitting the floor!

...the pizza was fine.

I get the sink situation vaguely under control, and I start hearing thumps outside the kitchen door, where my book shelf is...Nina had apparently still had one of my books in her room, and since I didn't take it, she seemed to take that as permission to take as many of mommy's books as she could. There were now 11 books in her room/in the hallway, and a growing pile around her feet. As she saw me, she squeaked and started going into over drive, pulling more and more books out LOL...

First Half of the Day? Over.

You can't see it, but in the first sink picture, water is everywhere, and dripping, and all in that cabinet underneath...

Oh No!Oh No!Oh No!Oh No!Oh No!
    Oh goodness!! Ooops, what a morning!! At least your floor and cabinet are nice and sparkly clean now, right?? ;)
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