today i hqd to go to my baby doc

she keeps throwing up bf she doesn't poop . So her doc gave her powder to put in her formila to mqke her go to the bethroom .
Yesturday nuree told me to give her prune juice with formila that would make her poop but It made her have major wtomach pains .
If you give adult prune with milk it will upset a grown stomach .

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    Yeah, at 1 month I don't think I would have felt comfortable giving the baby prune juice. I hope the powder gives her (and you!) some relief. Keep us updated!

    How have you been otherwise?? I know you've been having a hard time in general, are things starting to get better?? I always think the first 6 weeks are impossible... after that it starts to get so much easier. You're almost there!!
      Those first 2 months are so tough. Baby is getting used to being in the outside world, her little body is getting used to figuring out everything. It's hard Tetyana, it really is and it's hard for every mom out there. If you feel uncomfortable with your doctors advice you can always get a second opinion.

      Keep us posted, we're here for you hon! And remember really soon you'll look back with a big sigh of relief because it does get easier, I promise!
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