Right time to meet a boyfriend?

When is the right time for them to meet a boyfriend?

ChristinaRichmond, Virginia
    To meet a boyfriend of yours? I'd say when you feel like it's getting more serious, and it isnt just a fling. When you feel you might actually stay with the guy. My mom didn't introduce our stepdad to us until they'd been dating for a year or 2 (we knew about that, but we hadn't met him or had the desire to meet him) and when they got engaged and we all moved in together is when we met.
      For you? Or for a child?

      If it's for you, I say when your kids are ready. It's purely my opinion but I think moms get a bit too excited about meeting someone new and don't realize the affect it could have on kids who aren't ready for such a decision.

      If it's for your child? I guess it would depend on what having a boyfriend means to them at this point. Since your daughter is 7 years old I doubt it would mean going out to movies and driving around alone so I don't think that's such an issue at this point.
        To meet a boyfriend of mine! Thats the same here.. If they dont like them It will be over shortly after meeting the kids. So I dont want to get my heart to far into this man. But He has seem to stuck around at all the twists and turns I have thrown at him.
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